September 15-20, 2010

Seminar on the project IGCP 540"Gold-bearing hydrothermal fluids of orogenic deposits" during joint conferences on the Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions" (ACROFI III) and on Thermobarogeochemistry (TBGXIV).
Novosibirsk, Russia

September 15-18, 2010

International Conference"Geoevents, Geological Heritage, and the Role of the IGCP" Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain
Second Circular (PDF)

September 2-10, 2010

XIV International Symposium on Placer and Weathered Rock Deposits (PWR-2010), (participation of the IGCP project 514)
Novosibirsk, Russia

SEPTEMBER 22-25, 2008

Special section "Fluids of orogenic gold deposits" within the XIII International Conference on Thermobarogeochemistry and IV APIFIS, IGCP project 540 "Gold-bearing hydrothermal fluids of orogenic deposits", Moscow.

Second circular (PDF)
Conference Report
Materials of tne Conference
Abstracts of the session (PDF, 578kb)

JUNE 26-28, 2008

International Conference "Development of Early Paleozoic biodiversity: role of biotic and abiotic factors and event correlation" with a post-conference field excursion on the Ordovician-Silurian sections in the Gorny Altai (South of West Siberia), IGCP project 503 "Ordovician Palaegeography and Palaeoclimate", Moscow.

First circular
Second circular

AUGUST 21-24, 2006

Sessions of the IGCP projects 479, 486,502 during the 12-th Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium 2006, Moscow


AUGUST 21-24, 2006

Sessions of the IGCP project 514"Fluvial palaeosystems: evolution and mineral deposits" during 12-th Guadrennial Iagod Symposium 2006, Moscow


AUGUST 5-8, 2006

International Symposium of the IGCP Project "Ordovician Palaeogeography and Palaeoclimate", Novosibirsk

1-st Circular (.doc, 301kb) Open

AUGUST 20-24, 2005

Third International Symposium of IGCP-476 "Monsoon Evolution and Tectonic-Climate linkage in Asia", Vladivostok

3-st Circular (.pdf, 114kb) open

Abstracts (.pdf, 904kb) open

AUGUST 22-25, 2005

The Sixth Baltic Stratigraphical Conference / IGCP Meetings (projects: 491, 499, 503), St-Petersburg.

A Field Guide for geological excursion on Cambrian and Ordovician of St-Petersburg Region: open (.pdf, 3mb).

AUGUST 22-25, 2005

IGCP 491 Meeting "Middle Palaeozoic Vertebrates of Lavrussia: relationships with Siberia, Kazakhstan, Asia and Gondwana", Saint-Petersburg.

Circular of the Conference (.rtf, 464kb) open

JULY 25-AUGUST 5, 2005

International workshop and field excursions, IGCP project 480 " Structural and Tectonic Correlations across the Central Asia Orogenic Collage: Implications for Continental Growth and Intracontinental Deformation", Irkutsk

Circular (.rtf, 2.73mb) open

JULY 25 - AUGUST 09, 2005

IGCP 499 logo International Conference "Devonian Terrestrial and Marine Environments: from continent to shelf",

Joint meeting of the IGCP 499"Evolution of Ecosystems and Climate in the Devonian" and the IUGS Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy.

1-st Circular of the Conference (.pdf) open

MAY 30-JUNE 5, 2005

IGCP 464 logo IGCP-464,Continental Shelves during the Last Glacial Cycle-Fifth (final) Annual Conference, Saint-Petersburg

1-st Circular of the Conference (.rtf, 5.16mb) open

SEPTEMBER 24 - 27 2004

International Conference «Quaternary and Contemporaneity Ecology: Nature and Man»

The Соnference will be held on board of a steamer , route: Volgograd-Astrakhan-Volgograd with stops for examining the geological profiles of quaternary deposits.

click to increase this picture in a new window The Conference is a joint venture of : RAS Earth Science Department, Intarnational Academy of Ecology? Man and Nature Protection Sciences, RAS Commission for Quaternary Research, Russian National Committee for IGCP, Volgograd and Astrakhan Regions Administration.

The Conference Program is composed of presentations being chosen on a competitive basis. Deadline for submitting report materials is April the 1-st. 2004.

Organizing Committee: Leonov Yury G. - Co-Chairman, Academician-Secretary, Earth Sciences Department, RAS,
Denisov Genrikh A.- Co-Chairman, Vice-President of IAESS,
Lavrushin Yury A. - Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the RAS Commission for Quaternary Research,
Zaitsev Georgy Ev.- Deputy Chairman, General Director, Holding Company "PromStroyThechnology"
Chistyakova Irina A. - Secretary -Scientist, GIN RAS
Khoreva Ida M.- Secretary-Scientist, GIN RAS

Lavrushin Yu.A.
Tel.: +7 (095) 230-81-14
Chistyakova Irina A.
Tel.: +7 (095) 230-81-12
Khoreva Ida M.
Tel.: +7(095) 230-81-88

AUGUST 2 - 12 2004

Conference "URALIDES - 2004" and fieldtrip in the frame of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP),
project 453 "Modern and Ancient Orogens" will take place in the southern Urals of Bashkiria

Conference "URALIDES - 2004" Organizers:
Victor Puchkov, Institute of Geology, Ufimian Science Center, RAS, Ufa, Russia,
Dennis Brown, Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra, Barcelona, Spain
For more information address:,

Resonance: IGCP 453 co-leader's letter (.rtf, 2mb). open




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